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There are so many benefits to riding a motorcycle as opposed to other means of transportation. They provide a sense of excitement and thrill to riders, as well as being extremely fuel-efficient. However, other drivers on the road can be careless and not pay proper attention to motorcycle riders, leading to catastrophic accidents. The injuries sustained by a motorcycle rider hit by another vehicle can be devastating and even fatal.

If you were recently involved in a motorcycle collision or lost a loved one to an accident, you need an experienced Austin injury attorney on your side! Regardless of the severity of the injuries you have suffered, you should gain legal representation as quickly as possible. At Komie & Morrow, we have more than 60 years of combined legal experience and are dedicated to achieving a positive outcome for our clients.

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What are Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

The safety gear motorcyclists wear, such as a helmet, does not do much to protect them against vehicles and the road in a collision. There is a much higher risk for serious injury because of the lack of protection a motorcycle offers riders. Victims of motorcycle accidents may end up needing major surgeries, physical therapy, physical rehabilitation, and other types of treatment, sometimes even for years after the accident. This is why it is so important to have an Austin motorcycle accident lawyer who will fight for you and try to recover compensation to cover your costs.

A few of the most common injuries which can be caused by motorcycle accidents include the following:

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