James Fletcher

Of Counsel

Of Counsel James Fletcher is the son of Keith Fletcher, who is widely regarded as one of the most skilled personal injury lawyers in all of Texas. In honor of his father and upbringing, James has dedicated his own career to the law as well, only he took an interest in criminal defense cases and the protection of an individual’s rights. He has since built a strong reputation for having the same legal mind, skills, and tenacity as his father.

Education History & Early Career

James first attended Baylor University and received his degree in Psychology. He returned to Houston to take a position as a researcher at the Baylor College of Medicine. While working there, he further developed his ability to pay keen attention to the smallest of details and piecing them into the bigger picture. This skillset would prove invaluable as a criminal defense attorney later, as he can now utilize his specialized training to turn cases around, either by using scientific evidence for his clients or debunking supposed scientific proof against his clients.

After his work at the Baylor College of Medicine, James Fletcher went to the prestigious South Texas College of Law. He was given impressive awards while in attendance for his top marks in both Criminal Law and Constitutional Law courses. He would later pass the bar exam with flying colors.

Focus on DWI, Commitment to Clients

Of Counsel James Fletcher is one of the most trusted DWI defense attorneys in Austin. While he has committed the entirety of his practice to criminal defense cases, he has also intentionally steered his focus towards driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges. This deliberate decision has allowed him to become prominent in this practice area in a relatively short amount of time. Today, James is considered by many as an “attorney to watch” for great things in the future.

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