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Assessing possible liability after a bicycle accident

Even a collision at low speed could lead to serious injuries if a cyclist was involved. Since cyclists have very little protection against an impact, they are likely to suffer broken bones or even head injuries. If you were involved in a collision with a cyclist, you should take the time to consider all factors relating to the incident before coming to a conclusion regarding which party is liable.

If possible, gather as much evidence at the scene after the accident takes place -- even if all you can do is grab a few photos. You should call the police and take as many photos of the scene as you can. You should also gain the contact details of any witnesses.

When is an accident a cyclist's fault?

Cyclists tend to be more vulnerable than cars on the road. This is in part because they are less visible due to their size and lack of strong headlights. Therefore, bicycle accidents involving cars can often occur at night or during dusk.

If you are a driver who has recently been involved in an accident involving a cyclist, you may be worried that the liability will automatically be placed on you. However, this may not be the case. In some situations, a cyclist's negligence causes or contributes to an accident. The following is an overview of situations where an accident is a cyclist's fault.

Why are truck accidents so common?

Truck drivers generally have a high level of training and experience. They are also held to much higher standards than non-commercial drivers. For example, they are not allowed to operate a commercial vehicle with even a very low amount of alcohol in their system.

Despite this, truck collisions continue to be very common. Most often, this is due to the negligence of other drivers on the road. Trucks have the ability to cause serious damage due to their size and weight. Following are some of the most common causes of truck accidents.

Avoiding the most common motorcycle accidents

Riding a motorcycle is a great way to travel and is considered a sport and a way of life for many. However, it is a very dangerous form of transport. Tragically, many motorcyclists are injured each year, sometimes fatally.

If you are a keen motorcycle rider, you should be aware of the most common types of motorcycle accidents and how they tend to arise. By doing so, you will better be able to avoid such accidents in the future.

The most important road safety facts to be aware of

Facts and statistics can be very useful for increasing awareness, especially when it comes to road safety. It's important that we are aware of the reality of road travel so that we can make safer choices about how we use the roads.

The following are some key statistics about road safety in the United States. Hopefully they will make you more aware of the importance of road safety, and they will empower you to ensure that those driving dangerously get justice.

How dangerous can ride-under crashes be?

If you've ever had the misfortune of seeing the aftermath of a tractor-trailer crash, then you likely understand that there's no such thing as a minor accident. It doesn't matter whether the semitruck crashes into the rear of an automobile, the driver of the car crashes into the rear of the truck or some other course of action takes place. These crashes are often catastrophic. Underride collisions are perhaps one of the worst types of truck accidents that can happen.

There are two types of underride accidents: side and rear ones. These crashes generally involve the driver of a passenger car riding under a truck. If such an incident happens along with the void between a trailer's front and rear axles, then it's likely to be more catastrophic than if it occurs nearest the wheels.

How can bicyclists avoid getting hurt in a crash?

Austin is a city that's grown in popularity among the younger generations in recent years. This has attracted many people who enjoy getting around on their bikes or feet as opposed to in their cars. This has led to an uptick in bicycle and pedestrian accidents in this Texas city in recent years. State transportation officials have published safety rules that motorists and bikers alike should follow to avoid getting hurt or killed while sharing the road.

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) officials point out that bicyclists and car drivers alike should always travel in the same direction as other traffic. They note that both parties should also stay in their designated lanes and drive closest to the curb instead of the centerline in the roadway. State transportation officials also point out that both drivers and bicyclists should abide by all stop signs and red lights.

Which vehicles are the safest?

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recently listed the safest vehicles on the market. IIHS releases a similar list each year, but this year’s list is a little different.

IIHS has always used scores from a variety of safety tests to determine their top-ranked vehicles. However, this year’s list puts a special emphasis on pedestrian and passenger safety.

2 out of every 5 fatalities on Austin roads were on foot in 2019

Austin saw an increase in 2019 in the number of traffic deaths. This increase is the first since 2015 when 102 people lost their lives on Austin city roads. Last year, the total was 88.

Authorities are concerned about the number of pedestrian traffic fatalities, which rose from 31 to 36 in 2019. Almost half were killed on service roads or highways. Another cause of these deaths was when pedestrians entered an area that didn't have a crosswalk.

3 generations killed in fiery car crash

A tragic car accident in Texas recently took the lives of people from three different generations of the same family: A baby, the child's mother and grandmother.

The accident happened on Wednesday, February 5. Reports claim that the man who caused it was arrested on DWI charges a few months before the wreck. He is now facing intoxication manslaughter charges after this latest accident.

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